Proposal Pacimination - Cloud Servers with Quality And Affordable Pricing

Connecting everything is the goal of Gnehc. In 2020, we, Gnehc, launched our first consumer-level product, Satellite, an Internet Tunnel, though still in beta, improving Internet connectivity between users and content provider's networking facilities. Now we are going to build Pacimination. The word Pacimination combinates 'Pacific' and 'Illumination', reflecting the primary achievement of Pacimination of business-level Internet services in the Asia Pacific.

Different from the well-known cloud services majored in computing or data storing, provided by other companies, Pacimination prioritized in data transfers. We first looking forward to launching our first region in the city of Guangzhou, in Mainland China.

But Why China?

The growth of the Internet was exponential in mainland China for the past decade, and people have access to local services with relatively better connectivity (by calculating packet loss and latency) comparing to the United States. Nevertheless, censorship and regulations in mainland China have been strict, blocking foreign companies to set up their servers in mainland China, causing the demand for international bandwidth (we mean by the maximum quantity of data transmission (Rate) from a country to the rest of the world) to soar, let's take GitHub, an American multinational corporation that provides hosting for software development and version control using Git, for demonstration.

One of the ways to fetch data (and of most time) from GitHub is from, whose range of IP addresses resolved ( were owned by, a CDN provider, and certain IP addresses within the range were labeled "Hong Kong". From that, we could tell GitHub users in Hong Kong fetches data locally, from owned servers in Hong Kong, dispensing the need for fetching data from servers in other countries. For mainland China, upon checking, does not own servers in mainland China, resulting in the need for fetching data from other countries (or regions). The situation was not limited to Github or, but for most of the Internet companies, leading mainland China's demand for international Internet bandwidth to soar.

We do not have specific data, but according to a report by CAICT, the available international Internet bandwidth per capita, in the greater China region (including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan), was 20 times less than the United States, 10 times less than Japan, 72 times less than the United Kingdom, and 262 times less than Singapore, and note that the compared countries above have less demand for accessing data internationally.

By determining the faster-downloading speed the better Internet connectivity, the quality of downloading a 1GB file from DigtalOcean from mainland China was inferior. We were downloading a test file on two servers, among which Internet was provided by general China state-owned ISP and Pacimination, separately.

The Image indicates the download speed was approximately 3136 times faster when utilizing Pacimination.

Thus we are launching Pacimination in Guangzhou to improve Internet connectivity.

What will Pacimination look like?

Pacimination will be rolling out with a user-friendly management page. Because Pacimination is prioritized in data transfers, we provide larger-and-better-than-normal bandwidth and applicable CPU hardware. Also, Pacimination pre-installs Linux-based systems in x64 architecture.

When will Pacimination come out?

Pacimination is currently in testing phase, and we will launch Pacimination for commercial use in early 2021.

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